Eli Manning

Hot Off The Wire – Week 5 Waiver Wire Pickups

With the season into full swing, bye weeks coming every week, and teams making adjustments to fill in both injury and vacation players, there are certainly some options on the waiver wire that should be considered if there is a need.  Keep in mind, at this point, most options are either one-week plays, or possible starting options for a couple of weeks, rarely will there be a legitimate starter with high fantasy value, but there just might be one on the wire right now.  Going into week 5 these players will be Hot Off The Wire and some of the most added fantasy options. more

Donal Brown

Hot Off The Wire: Week 4 Waiver Pickups

Let the bye weeks begin.  Week 4 is the first bye week of the season and it’s one of the biggest in terms of number of teams out.  There will be 6 teams on bye this week, which means there will be a lot of owners out on the wire looking for defenses and kickers.  Looking over the top waiver pickups so far, you’ll most likely see most of the top options available are the defensive teams.  There are some good match-ups this week, so let’s take a look at the best options for the bye week with our Hot Off The Wire pickups. more

Jamaal Charles

Fantasy 911 Week 3

There were a lot of key fantasy players cropping up on the injury reports this week both at the beginning and midweek. With the practices completed and the teams assessing their options, the pictures are starting to become a little more clear.  The running back position is especially hot this week with a few players stepping in with bigger roles, and some players to watch out for because of injuries and issues to other players. Time to call the fantasy doctor to make a house call and help revitalize teams in the week 3 Fantasy 911 edition. more

DeMarco Murray

First and Five – Week 3 Running Back Starts

After the dust settled on week 2 and waiver claims came in, there were many owners looking at their running back situations and assessing where they were at.  Owners that were able to claim one of the decent options might have good workhorses to put up points in week 3.  Looking at the week ahead there are certainly favorable match-ups just waiting for a couple of ball carriers to get to work and unleash damage upon the field.  The following running backs would the be the top fantasy football running backs for week 3, based on their match-ups and team situations. more

Vincent Jackson

Week 3 Thursday Night Fantasy Starts

There’s all sorts of old adages when it comes to Thursday night fantasy football.  Running backs tend to do better, quarterbacks don’t fare so well, home kickers go off, waterboys turn into unicorns and grant wishes to players, and well you get the idea.  There are no forces at work on Thursdays that can predict the outcome of players.  Every week there are variables that play into the outcome of the game, and fantasy points, not the day itself.  This week will feature two teams in the same division so it will mean more to both as a win by the Bucs will put them ahead of the Falcons in the standings.  Let’s take a look at the potential fantasy value for the players in the game and see who will be the best Thursday night fantasy starts for week 3. more

Bobby Rainey

Week 3 Hot Off The Wire

Some weeks are pretty quiet on the waiver wire, especially on non-bye weeks, but this week is neither.  There were some key injuries to top fantasy players and their backups are certainly worth considering if you either have one of the starters, or need an solid option to play in week 3.  The week 3 Hot Off The Wire edition is going to have some players that will be burning up the waiver as they are added in the majority of fantasy football leagues. Let’s take a look at who’s being added. more

Phillip Rivers

Going Yard – Week 2 Game Changers

What a great weekend of football. There were plenty of highlights, big plays, and upsets.  For the fantasy world, there were a couple of late surprises that really hit some owners hard, and those that were able to cash in got the prize.  Going over the week 2 games, there are some fantasy studs that put their team on the back today “Going Yard”, and they were the week 2 game changes for fantasy football. Some of these guys are available on the wire, but it’s called out if there is a chance to find them lurking and if they worth a fantasy roster spot. more

Arian Foster

First and Five – Week 2 Fantasy Flex Starts

Going into week 2 games, there were a quite bit of developments that were unexpected and surprising.  The deactivation of Adrian Peterson, along with reports of a new drug policy, plus the on-going saga of the Rice situation.   With so many distractions, it might be easy to forget the fact that there are some NFL football games to play this weekend and fantasy match-ups to win.  For those that are not swayed by the recent events, there are plenty of good match-ups to pick some stud players for in week 2 to help your team get an edge.  The following players are the First and Five for week 2, which are players that are looking to breakout and have a good fantasy week based on their match-up. more

Josh Gordon

Week 2 Hot Off The Wire

With all of the NFL games completed for week 1, we head into week 2 and look at the top waiver wire picks for fantasy football.  Football is a dangerous sport, and each week there are injuries and other scenarios that help add or drop fantasy value for players.  Normally, when a player is getting a lot of buzz on the waiver it’s signaled with a red status bar and this is where the term “hot off the wire” comes from.  Most of the time it’s trending positive for a player that is really hot because he is being added, but there are some times like today when a player is really hot, but in a bad way because he is being dropped.   Either case, this column will be featured every Tuesday to keep you up on which players you should be looking to add, or drop, to your fantasy roster.  Just remember, if you aren’t making moves, or at least keeping up on things, then you aren’t in the game. more

LeVeon Bell Steelers

Going Yard – Week 1 Game Changers

Football is back!  Great to see live games and huge plays again.  The NFL was packed with great games this weekend that seem to do flip-flops from one half to the other. There were a number of games that look like blow-outs when they started, only to end up being close games with completely opposite halves.  With so much action this past weekend, there were a number of fantasy players “Going Yard” while showcasing their talents, and although most of them were drafted, there were a couple of gems that might be on the waiver wire ready for you to grab.  The following NFL players were the week 1 fantasy football game changers. more