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Pounding The Rock

There’s going to plenty of speculation this year when it comes to drafting a top running back.  The general consensus is that the number one pick isn’t what it used to be and comes with a lot more uncertainty than it has in the past.   Not that there isn’t plenty of good option to choose from, but there just isn’t that clear #1 that we typically see.  We probably would’ve if Bell wasn’t suspended for the first 2 games, but nonetheless, he’s going to be solid producer the rest of the year and into the playoffs.  Given the option available to owners it’s a good time to talk about the running backs and who’s gong to be pounding the rock in 2015 fantasy football. more

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Kicking Off 2015 Fantasy Football Season

Thrilled to be kicking off the 2015 fantasy football season and happy that the camps are finally opening so that we can once again speculate and discuss the many nuances between players and coaches, as well as teams and cities.  These sports dynamics along with the fanatical nature of competitive showmanship bring us together each year in celebration of our beloved pastime to draft fantasy football teams and dominate our friends in fake head-to-head battles based on the efforts of real combatants in sport.  The rituals of selecting team names like ‘Joique Luck Club‘ and ‘Turn Down for Watt‘, dogging friends for drafting  guys too high, and talking smack each week leading up to the event are all part of the annual yearning that happens towards the end of summer till the end of the year.  Thank goodness football is back. more

Josh Gordon

Week 12 Hot Off The Wire

This week will be the last and final bye week of the season.  They started way back in week 4 and will continue through this week.  For most fantasy leagues that start their playoffs in week 14, this means that 9 out of the 13 weeks of the fantasy season had some teams off and players not active.  It’s grueling for fantasy owners because each week you have to think about which players are not going to be playing and if you have a decent backup.  This week there are a couple of big names on their break so owners will have to adjust as they make their final push towards the playoffs.  In this week’s addition, we’ll take a look at the players that will be Hot Off The Wire in week 12 that could help you win this week, as well as some gems for the playoffs. more

Jarvis Landry

4th and Twenty – The Hail Mary in Week 9

It’s game time so there might be some players that could potentially put up big number in week 9 so it’s time to kick off a new section for starts called 4th & Twenty for owners looking for a Hail Mary. Often there are weeks where owners don’t have any other option or are looking for that one big long shot that could take them into the promise land, and these players can fit the bill. Here are the week 9 fantasy football 4th & Twenty starts. more

Zac Stacy

Week 8 Hot Off The Wire

With week 7 in the books, we are officially into the second half of the 2014 fantasy football season. For most leagues, week 8 represents the home-stretch and the last 6 to 7 games that you have in order to make the playoffs.  These games will be very important since they will cover 2 of the most harsh bye weeks in the NFL this year.  Weeks 9 and 10 both include 6 teams on bye, which represent more than a third of the NFL teams.  These weeks along with more till the last week of the regular fantasy season are going to make or break most teams.  Even those that have started strong, could find themselves facing elimination in the playoffs or worse yet not making it all if they don’t constantly keep track of what the NFL and their league teams are doing. In week 8, there will be a few opportunities to make your roster even stronger, and with more bye weeks coming, it’s a good chance to stock up with these Hot Off The Wire waiver pickups for this week. more

Andre Johnson

Sell High! Trade Now Fantasy Players

This is a crucial point in the season. Teams are figuring out where they are at, bye weeks are hitting hard, injuries are piling up for some teams, and now is the time to strike.   Start to figure out what players are expandable on your team that could be good chips for trade talk.  Once you’ve isolated a few key players that have good fantasy value and that you are deep in that position, figure out what you need not only for the coming weeks, but into the playoffs if that is your goal.  The key is to find the players that are just coming off a good game or have some sort of news that puts them in a positive light and then sell high and make a trade that gets as much fantasy value as you can for them. There are some fantasy players are that hitting their stride while others are hitting their humps.  It’s a good time to take a look at some players that would be wise to sell now as they still have good trade value. more

Jerick McKinnon

Hot Off The Wire – Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

With another week in the books, it looks like there are some hot tickets to claim on the waiver wire.  Many will be trying to grab the “Touchdown Express” Antone Smith as he continues to dazzle with the football and makes touchdowns nearly once every 4 touches.  There will be only 2 teams on bye in week 7, but it includes one of the most potent offenses in the league so there will be some holes to fill in fantasy lineups.  In addition, it’s good to look ahead as weeks 9 and 10 include over a third of the teams in the NFL. Going into week 7 these will be the Hot Off The Wire fantasy players that owners should be looking to consider. more

Brian Hoyer

Week 6 Hot Off The Wire

There were certainly some epic plays and games this past weekend.  Many fantasy owners were surprised to see a number of fantasy starters not perform to their normal abilities and some even left their games due to injuries.  What does that means for fantasy owners?   It means that the wire will be burning up this week so let’s get down to it and find out who is going to be Hot Off The Wire fantasy players for week 5.  By the way, got a little special tip rolled up into this one that will pay dividends for weeks to come. Come with me as I take a trip into the waiver and pull out a fantasy gem that you can ride with confidence. more

Ben Roethlisberger

First and Five – Week 5 QB Starts and Sits

There are some interesting QB moves going on this week and there might be confusion over which quarterback to user or not in the week 5 match-ups.  With newly appointed QB Kyle Orton taking over for the Bills, some owners may think about grabbing him and playing him, but there may be some better options on the wire.  Taking a look at the match-ups for week 5, the following quarterbacks are the First and Five starts for owners to consider in their lineups. more

Eli Manning

Hot Off The Wire – Week 5 Waiver Wire Pickups

With the season into full swing, bye weeks coming every week, and teams making adjustments to fill in both injury and vacation players, there are certainly some options on the waiver wire that should be considered if there is a need.  Keep in mind, at this point, most options are either one-week plays, or possible starting options for a couple of weeks, rarely will there be a legitimate starter with high fantasy value, but there just might be one on the wire right now.  Going into week 5 these players will be Hot Off The Wire and some of the most added fantasy options. more