Andre Johnson

2014 Fantasy Football Draft: Third Round Picks

There were some hard decisions to make in the second round and there were plenty of other picks that could have gone in that round as well as some that could have waited, but these are the choices that we make as fantasy football owners.  We look for the players that will give us the most opportunity for winning, with the least amount risk for losing.  Going into the next round, there will be top name players drafted, as well as one or two surprises ,because after all, this is the 3rd round of the 2014 fantasy football draftmore

Arian Foster Texans

2014 Fantasy Football Draft: Second Round Picks

With the first round completed, it’s time to keep it going and see who is the next pick to pull of the board as we start the second round of 2014 fantasy football draft.  Keep in mind, at this point, I’m assuming all of the guys in the first round are gone, but in case any of them are still available I would immediately jump on them with any of the next spots.  The guys I called out in the first round are the true number one picks and should be taken by this point. more

LeSean McCoy - Eagles

2014 Fantasy Football Draft: First Round Picks

It’s On!  2014 Fantasy football has officially begun and there is nothing more rewarding to me then selecting my team for a fantasy football league.  My intent is always the same.  My goal is to draft a solid team and drive them all the way to the playoffs.  There is only 1 place, and second is no place. If you are not playing fantasy football to win, then just go ahead and donate your money to me now and I’ll be glad to spare your time.  For those that are going to stick around and see if they can compete, I’m going to give you a straight-up round-by-round guide on how and when to select players for the 2014 fantasy football draft.  We are going to start with the first round and go over who are the best options for a 12 team snake draft league. more

Michael Crabtree

Week 13 Hot Off The Wire

This will be the final week of the regular season for most fantasy leagues with the playoffs starting in week 14 for 12 team leagues that include 6 into the playoffs. For a lot of traditional leagues that use only 4 playoff spots, the regular season could go as late as week 15, but every league that play in start the playoffs in week 14.  Going into the final week means locking up the playoff spot and making sure you’re team is ready for a playoff run.  There will be some key players to look out for on the waiver wire so let’s take a look at who is going to be Hot Off The Wire for week 13 and could help your fantasy playoffs. more

Ben Tate

First and First – Week 12 Running Back Starts

Now that the final bye week is here, some fantasy owners just need to get past one more week before they have  their full starting roster back in the lineup.   This will be a big relief to some and a welcomed upgrade for others.  Given the state of the running back position and the current injury report for running backs, it’s going to be an interesting week for fantasy owners.  There will most likely be a couple of players on the wire that will be have good fantasy production on Sunday, as well as some starters that will probably not get their projected. Let’s take a look at the top running back starts based on match-ups in week 12 with our First and Five running backs. more

Bobby Rainey

Week 12 Hot Off The Wire

With the playoffs quickly approaching, teams starting to position themselves, it’s important not to lose sight of the day-to-day activities that are needed to win a championship.  Having just taken a few days off and beginning to take a look at this week’s match-ups, I’m feeling a little disconnected and eager to get back into it so that I don’t lose focus.  In most leagues, the trade deadline has past and so now it’s up to the team and the wire to help secure the final wins needed.  Looking at the wire, there are some interesting moves starting to brew that could be a good options during the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the fantasy players that will be Hot Off The Wire in week 12. more

Trent Richardson

Week 11 Thursday Night Fantasy Football Starts

With the Colts coming off a huge loss to the Rams in week 10, they look to rebound against the Titans who have been struggling of late and will not have their starting quarterback once again.  The backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be making the start on Thursday Night Football and will try to lead the Titans at home against the number one team in their division.  With playoff hopes still alive for the Titans, they will be looking to close the 2 game gap between them and Colts by winning at home.  more

Andre Brown

Week 11 Hot Off The Wire

It’s getting close to the end and teams are starting to jockey for position and look at the match-ups for the playoff rounds.  Off course the Commish is racking up wins and currently sits in either 1st or 2nd in every fantasy league, which includes all 12 team leagues but 1 that is a 10 team league, so the playoffs are almost a lock.  Now looking ahead as well as for week 11, there are some interesting players that might be on the wire and could add value to your fantasy team right now.  Let’s take a look at who is going to be Hot Off The Wire in week 11. more

Lesean Mccoy

Going Yard – Week 10 Game Changers

As if we didn’t know it was going to be the case, Brees was easily the top the fantasy performer for week 10 by lighting up Cowboys in front of a home crowd.  His 392 passing yards with 4 touchdowns surpassed our expectations and gave fantasy owners a helpful boost in points that most other quarterbacks wouldn’t see. His performance was the best of the week for sure, but there were some other notable fantasy players that were Going Yard in week 10, and could have been game changers for fantasy owners. more

Drew Brees

First and Five – Week 10 Fantasy Starts

Fantasy football never stops even if those that are analyzing it need to take a break for a couple of days. Thankfully I’m back and ready to go just before the games start in week 10. This edition will focus on a couple of players from each type just to highlight some players that I like based on their match-ups for week 10.  It’s going to be a little different from what I normally like to do, but seeing as I didn’t have as much time to deeply go into each match-up I had to do a quicker overview of the games that I felt were going to produce the biggest points. Here are the week 10 First and Five fantasy picks. more