Fantasy Football Week 8 Studs or Duds: On any given Sunday you can find QBs that will perform well and others that will not.   Here is a list of 3 quarterback studs and duds that might help or hurt your roster for fantasy football week 8.

QB – Quarterbacks Studs:

Matt Cassel – After his 3 TD performance last week and more confident play in the game, Cassel has earned himself a starting spot in any 12 team league.  Playing the soft defense of St. Louis also helps his cause this week so I would give him the start.

Jason Campbell – Has been very consistent this and hasn’t thrown a pick so far this season.  The TD’s aren’t quite there yet, but the match-up this week should help his cause.   The Lions are second to last in passing yards per game so his numbers should be really good this week.

JT O’Sullivan – Yes, I said it.  He has been playing pretty good and playing a team that gives up almost 250 passing yards per game and has only one pick on the year.  He should put up starter type numbers this week and would be a good play.

QB – Quarterbacks Duds:

Matt Shaub – I know this looks like a good play this week, but the best part of Cincy’s game is the secondary.  They are ranked around 5th lowest in yards per game and they have 10 picks already this year.  He may have decent numbers but the downside is too great to play this week.

Eli Manning – This would be tough sit, but playing the Steelers this week on the road is not a friendly place to be.  The Steelers D surges at home and being the #1 team against the pass this year makes it a tough day to be the QB for the big blue machine. He will have trouble finding the end zone and won’t rack up a lot of yards.

Matt Ryan – Matt’s been playing great this year and normally I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but rolling into Philly  is not a good place to be for this first year QB.  The fans are tough, the field is tough, and the Philly D is tough so I would hold off on using him this week on the road.  Not to mention that the Philly D is ranked in the top 10 in pass and Ryan’s QB rating on the road is only 59.2, which is half of his home rating of 121.9.

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