On Monday nights, some of us are trailing in fantasy points hoping that our remaining players do something worthy enough to squeak by a win.  Monday night’s Titans vs. Colts proved that a good tight end can be a boon to any fantasy football team.  Dallas Clark, the Colt’s starting tight end, racked up the points with 7 receptions, 94 yards, and 2 TDs.  If you have a good tight end on Monday night football, it does wonders for your optimism and gives you a better chance than most.

Having a good tight end is like having a fourth receiver on your squad.  Most of the time, you have to get them in the early rounds of the draft, but I say they’re well worth it.  The way I see it, there are only two tiers of tight ends: the cream of the crop and the rest of them.  Usually, there are only three or maybe four top tight ends in the entire league.  It’s not so much who they are, because let’s face it, if you’re in the NFL you’re suppose to be good, it’s more about what team they’re on and whose QB they belong to.  They’re certain QBs and teams in the NFL that just love throwing to their tight ends.

Case in point, the San Diego chargers have had a long history of throwing to their tight end.  Antonio Gates continues to be a top tight end year after year; his numbers are ridiculously consistent (well worth a third or fourth round draft pick in my eyes).  Top-rated QB, Drew Brees, came from the San Diego Chargers and took that strategy with him to the New Orlean Saints.  His first year with New Orleans, out of habit of throwing to Antonio Gates, his old tight end from the Chargers, he threw to an unknown tight end by the name of Marcus Colston.  That year, Marcus Colston became the highest rated tight end in the league.  Although Colston has been promoted to the W1 postion, Bree’s continues to show love to his tight end.  In fact, many fantasy football experts predicted that Jeremy Shocky, former tight end of the New York Giants, would be a great sleeper pick in the draft this year and he would have been too, except has a problem staying healthy (which is why I stay away from him every year even though he’s very talented).  Having a Drew Brees tight end on your team gives you a better chance than most.

QB’s like Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Farve, Phillip Rivers, like to throw to their tight ends in tight spots, especially near or in the end zone. Teams like Kansas City Cheifs, who have Tony Gonzales (one of the highest rated tight ends of all time) make it a constant play strategy to throw to their tight end, no matter who their QB is.  The same is true with the Washington Redskins (Chis Cooley), Dallas Cowboys (Jason Witten), and San Diego Chargers (Antonio Gates).  While most tight ends average two to three catches a game, if you lucky, these teams will, more often than not, make a play call to throw the football to the tight end in the end zone on any give game and give them consistent looks and touches throughout the season.  A good tight end is a jewel in the rough.  Better you have that jewel than your opponent.  Bling! Bling!