Week 4 Start and Sits Quarterbacks

This will be an interesting week for some owners. No doubt both Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton are owned in every league, so the owners of those teams will be looking for their best back-up, as well as a few match-ups that are going to be key to see where they are at with their teams. Taking a look at the quarterbacks for week 4, these are the top fantasy football plays that you want to make. For the owners looking for a good option, try getting one of the second tier if you don’t have one of the primary in as a back-up.

Week 4 fantasy football quarterback must starts.

  • Peyton Manning – He is going to put up epic numbers.
  • Drew Brees – At home he should be lighting it up.
  • Michael Vick – Will try to find a way to keep up with the best.
  • Matthew Stafford – Going to see plenty of opportunities.
  • Tony Romo – Could be one of his best all year.
  • Tom Brady – Starting to find a rhythm with his receiver.
  • Robert Griffin – Been playing well for a couple of quarters of each game.
  • Matt Ryan – Going to take to the air to keep up the Pats.
  • Andrew Luck – There should be plenty of points to go around.
  • Russell Wilson – Should see enough throws to put up decent numbers.

The next group of quarterbacks would be great options in week 4 for bye week plays or spot starts.

  • Ben Roethlishberger – Going against a soft passing defense and getting more weapons back.
  • Phillip Rivers – Will need to keep scoring points throughout this game.
  • Terrelle Pryor – This is a great match-up for him and it looks like he is going to play.
  • Ryan Tannehill – Has a great match-up and has been pretty consistent this year.
  • Jay Culter – Getting more time to throw the ball helps any passer.
  • Andy Dalton – The slinger is going to get a couple up in the air to Green.

The following quartersbacks would be the lower starts for week 4, or sits in some cases.

  • Matt Schaub – They will have their hands full this week.
  • Geno Smith – Going to have some bumps, but hard to tell when he is up.
  • Eli Manning – Until it he can prove he can get the ball to receivers, it’s not worth it.
  • Carson Palmer – There needs to be more there for fantasy.
  • Joe Flacco – A Super Bowl title doesn’t make him a fantasy option.
  • Alex Smith – Just can’t seem to get the ball down the field.
  • Jake Locker – He is getting more chemistry, but not worth a play this week.
  • EJ Manuel – Still hard to trust him in fantasy just yet.
  • Brian Hoyer – Probably safe to say that 300 yards this week isn’t going to happen.
  • Mike Glennon – You’d have to be crazy, but sometimes it takes a gamble.
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