Here is some Tony Romo Fantasy Football advice.  I have Tony Romo in one of my leagues, and like you, I have awaited his return with abated breath.  However, as much as I wanted to start him, I decided to bench him for week 11.  I played QB Kansas City Thigpen instead and I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, his road game match-up with the Redskins did not seem promising.  Cowboy’s vs. Indians is a historical rivalry, but beyond that, Washington has a pretty decent pass rush.  Moreover, they had just acquired CB DeAngelo Hall from Oakland, which made their secondary even stronger.  Secondly, there were reports that Tony Romo was practicing with a splint on his finger.  Now, I’ve never been a quarterback in my life and I’m not sure what it feels like to throw with a splint on one’s finger, but I do know what it feels like to play basketball with fake nails and it just doesn’t work well.  Thigpen, on the other hand, had already proven himself for three straight weeks racking up six touchdowns in just three weeks.  Plus, he had an easy match-up with New Orleans who ranks 27th in the league for pass defense.  It was a no-brainer.  I had to wait to see what Tony could do before starting him.  Now I’m glad I made that decision.  Romo ended up with disappointing fantasy numbers racking up two interceptions, one measly TD, and a 72.8 QB rating, while Thigpen ended up with one interception, two TDs, and a76.1 QB rating, garnering more fantasy points than Romo.  With Thigpen’s help, I beat my opponent week 11, which made me very happy because he happened to be one of my fiercest rivals.

Now the question remains, should I start Tony Romo in week 12 or continue on with Thigpen?  This time Romo has an easy match-up at home against San Francisco, who ranks 26th in pass defense, while Thigpen is playing at home against the Bills, who just recently embarrassed themselves at home on Monday night football.  My guess is that the Bills will be highly motivated to beat Kansas City on the road or not.  Moreover, the Bills have pretty decent pass defense ranking 13th in the NFL.  Then again, according to the Cowboy’s camp, Romo will be playing with a splint on his finger for the next two games.

This is a tough one. This is what I ask myself: who will get more interceptions and who will get more TDs.  I’m going to go with Romo this week.  His match-up is too appealing. San Francisco has given up 15 passing TDs and caught 10 interceptions. Buffalo has given up only 7 passing TDs and caught 5 interceptions.  Romo already got his feet wet last week with 1 TD.  I’m inclined to think that his easy match-up will net him at least two TDs.  He may give up an interception or two, but the advantage of multiple TDs outweighs interception minus points.  Moreover, who is to say that Thigpen won’t give up an interception or two, although he hadn’t had any for many weeks, he did get one Week 11.  Plus, Thigpen’s chances of getting multiple TDs are very small.

I’m giving Tony Romo a chance.  It is my hope that his experience last week taught him of what his capable of with a splint on his finger.  I’m guessing that he’ll be a little more prudent this time in his passing decisions.   Thigpen I may save for weeks 14 and 15, when he plays Denver and San Diego, the lowest ranked pass defenses in the NFL.  I’ve clinched the play-offs in my fantasy league and I’m guessing that Thigpen will get me some much needed TDs if Romo proves to be a complete disaster.

I hope this Tony Romo fantasy football advice helps your team win.