This hasn’t been one of the better seasons for the Chargers, but they are getting some good play from Darren Sproles.  With LT being bothered by a toe injury this year, Sproles has gotten more playing time and a chance to showcase his skills for the NFL.  Like Turner who ran in the shadow of LT for many years and is now having a breakout season starting for Atlanta, Sproles could also be the one to provide a huge boost to a running game if given the opportunity to produce on a regular basis. 

Darren Sporles Fantasy Advice:

If only Darren Sproles could start.  Would he too have a breakout season and produce numbers similar to other top backs in this league. His versatility in catching the ball and explosiveness while running, makes him a great candidate to be a featured back in the NFL.  He is averaging over 5 yards per carry, and is averaging almost 14 yards per reception.  He is not getting full time work yet, but has been averaging several carries a game and usually generates at least one or two receptions.  Although he had a great game this week with two receiving touchdowns, I don’t see him being much of a factor in the playoffs this year.  However, he is already on my radar for next year as LT gets another year older and he gets more work into the lineup.

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