m_ramirez2Manny’s back into action.  The most well-known player to ever get suspended during a season for 50 games because of failing a league required drug test is not back on the field and pretty much picking up where he left off. If there was ever any doubt about Manny Ramirez’s hitting skills, he is certainly putting the critics to rest with his play since returning to action

Manny is hitting 6 for 18 (.333) with two homers and seven RBIs in six games since returning from the 50-game drug suspension.  He is playing at the same caliber as when he went out and is making people forget about why he was playing to begin with. Certainly it helps that the Dodgers were winning while he was gone and thus the need for him wasn’t as apparent.  However, over the long run the team is better off with him and they will what he brings to the table again as they try to make another post season run at the series.

If you had Manny Ramirez on your bench and was waiting to see what he would do, then I would say your are crazy and get him back in your lineup at once.  He will continue to produce his regular numbers throughout the rest of the season and would be great starter from here on out.

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