1084749_footballKellen Winslow. eventually, the move to Tampa Bay to play with the Buccaneers ought to rejuvenate his career.  In 2009, with so a bunch of uncertainty at the QB role, it’s probably sound to assume he won’t be generating stats similar to ’07. However, he ought to be a viable target for Byron Leftwich, in addition to a safety net for Josh Freeman (as soon as he’s prepared), so his catch total may be decent.

The following are more Fantasy Football Tight Ends that could be busts for fantasy football owners.

Yards and touchdowns will be hard to come by this next year. A couple player rankings list him as part of the best ten; we don’t suppose his output will warrant that high of a |fantasy grade come year’s end

Heath Miller. Though not gaudy, Heath Miller possesses exceptionally nice hands and is a respectable TE by NFL standards. Sorry to say for fantasy GMs, his production doesn’t convert to number onefantasy TE stats.

The major explanation for this is the defending Super Bowl champs love to use their WRs in passing game. More regularly than not, Miller is the 4th or 5th receiving option, after even the RBs outside the backfield.

The best wager for Miller in twelve person formats is to hold onto him as a number two and use him simply whenever your first option is not playing.

Bo Scaife. Although he’s undoubtedly not a big name, Bo Scaife played especially well last year and became Kerry Collins’ go-to-man early on. Nonetheless, that didn’t equate to a range of balls ending up in the end zone (Scaife had just two TD’s).

This year, the Tennessee Titans have added some WRs into the mix (Nate Washington, Kenny Britt) which must mean even fewer opportunities to come Scaife’s way.

This season’s pool of tight ends is extremely deep. While he was a recurrent fantasy starter for a diversity of weeks last season, there are more appealing options available this year.

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