The hell with projections.  I say TRUST YOUR GUT and YOUR BRAIN.  Projections are BS.  They are nothing more than a conglomeration of mathematical stats of the past, which can not predict the future.  There are many times when players had high or low projections and ended up with something different.  A computer can’t analyze a team’s passion or loss of morale.  It can’t predict possible injuries.  Moreover, it can’t compensate for unforeseen circumstances.  However, you can.  If you have problems trying to figure out who to play, starter vs. bench player, start with match-ups.  If it’s a RB situation, look at the opposing team’s rush defense and how they rank for the year.  If it’s a WR situation, look your WR’s QBs to see who is better, as well as looking at the opposing team’s pass rush and how they rank for the year.  Injuries also make a big difference.  Some players like Eagle’s RB Westbrook and Jet’s WR Laveranues Coles are able to play through injuries and have great games.  Their projections may be lower because of the “Q” next to their name, but come game time, these guys are capable of multiple TDs.  Other plays, for instance Charger’s RB LaDainian Tomlinson, not so much.  LT has a good back-up; Chargers won’t risk injuring LT; sit him if he’s listed questionable, not matter what the projections say.

Eff the projections, when it comes to your team and who to play, do your homework, it’s serve you better in the long run.