If you are like the millions of sports fans out there who just cannot get enough, perhaps it is time you considered joining a fantasy league. You have heard about them, but what is all the fuss? Well, for starters, you can find one to cover pretty much any sport you love. Yes, that is right: just about any sport. Golf, football, hockey, tennis, horse racing, soccer, basketball, racecar driving and of course baseball. Fantasy baseball leagues are all over the place.

Fantasy leagues add extra excitement for the diehard fans while also making baseball more interesting for the casual fan. The true fans often imagine what it would be like to have their home team be the one with all the superstars. How exciting would it be to have the NL batting leader, the AL homerun champion and the guy with the most stolen bases all on one team? Add to that two Cy Young winners, and the best closing pitcher in all of baseball. With a fantasy league, players can put that kind of team together.

First you need to find a site that offers fantasy games. Any sports themed website will have some kind of fantasy options. Other sites to check are TV station sites, internet services sites and community sites. There are many others too.

Then you sign up and create your team. You can name it anything you want like the Tampa Barracuda, Michaels All Stars, or something less traditional like I Will Beat You. The really good sites will allow you to give your team a logo or design a jersey or helmet.

Shortly before baseball season starts, players are placed into groups. You can join a specific group or let the system randomly assign you to one. Each group is divided into leagues, like East and West. Perhaps the most fun part is the draft. Live drafts are particularly fun as they make participants feel as though they are actually all together in an arena selecting the baseball players.

The draft works like an actual draft with teams making selections in turn for several rounds until the draft is completed. It can be a nail biting experience to sit and wait your next turn while wondering if a team before you plans to select the player that you are hoping to pick next. For people who cannot make the live draft, there are automatic drafts that will make your picks for you. All you need to do is rank the players beforehand and your top choices will be selected based on availability.

After that, is all up to the real players. Of course, if you want to win, you have to stay on top of the goings on. If one of your players is injured in real life, you will need to put him on injured reserve and get a replacement. You should follow sports news to find out if one of your stars is not playing the upcoming week because his wife is going into labor. That player can go on your bench for the time being. And if your players are not performing up to par, you can drop them from the team and get somebody else. Or you can offer to trade him to one of your rivals for someone that they may not need or want.

The fun lasts all season long and even into the playoffs. Sometimes there are prizes for winning your division and even greater prizes for those who win the entire World Series. It is a way to connect all baseball fans and let everyone at home be a part of the game.

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