Fantasy Baseball Surprises and Off Starters

Fantasy baseball in 2010 has a couple of surprises to start the season and a couple of early season busts that are making owners contemplate dropping them for available starters. Although this may be a good thing for some teams, it’s not always the best case of the long run. Baseball is a sport of failure, and it owners have to be patient with their teams.  Knowing that players will have hot and cold streaks from time to time, it’s best not to put to much on early season starts and if your player is on these list it doesn’t indicate that the season may continue in the same fashion. Continue reading “Fantasy Baseball Surprises and Off Starters”

A Glance At The Amazing Statistics Of Albert Pujols

pujIs Albert Pujols the best hitter that we’ve ever known? That is a question that has been asked hundreds of times, and the debate doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon.

To save time and even more confusion, I’m only going to do comparisons with players from the last three decades.

Today’s baseball bears little resemblance to the game that was played in past eras, so a comparison between Albert Pujols and Willie Mays for example just doesn’t stand up. Only players from the modern game could be compared.

As the game has evolved so much, we can’t tell how well players from the past would have played today, and vice versa. We can consider Pujols to be the batsman of our times on his merits alone. Continue reading “A Glance At The Amazing Statistics Of Albert Pujols”

No Relief in Houston for the Astros

Ed Wade, previously with the Phillies, is known to be a master at assembling a strong bullpen. Wade, presently GM for the Astros, has attempted to do the same in Houston. As soon as he took on the job, Houston Astros relievers like Brad Lidge and Chad Qualls were shipped out, and guys like Valverde, Brocail, LaTroy Hawkins and others came in.

Wade’s philosophy is pretty cut and dry. A bullpen is critical to a team’s success, but you never know who may fizzle out or go down to injury, so it’s important that your bullpen is deep and diverse. While this comes at an extra cost, it usually shields the team from adversity. Looking at this season, though, it seems like the payroll in Houston for the bullpen is quite high. Continue reading “No Relief in Houston for the Astros”

The Fun Of Fantasy Baseball Leagues

If you are like the millions of sports fans out there who just cannot get enough, perhaps it is time you considered joining a fantasy league. You have heard about them, but what is all the fuss? Well, for starters, you can find one to cover pretty much any sport you love. Yes, that is right: just about any sport. Golf, football, hockey, tennis, horse racing, soccer, basketball, racecar driving and of course baseball. Fantasy baseball leagues are all over the place. Continue reading “The Fun Of Fantasy Baseball Leagues”

The Five Greatest Athletes Ever

We’ll always favor the athletes who have made more recent impacts, as these are the ones who’ve affected our lives. Still, there have been many hugely influential athletes from the past, and I’ve done my best to include them here.

After all, we weren’t there to see most of the athletes of the 1900s so it’s hard to completely realize what they meant to society at the time. What you should know is that many of the men from the past paved the way for the big stars we enjoy today. Continue reading “The Five Greatest Athletes Ever”

Manny’s Back Into Action

m_ramirez2Manny’s back into action.  The most well-known player to ever get suspended during a season for 50 games because of failing a league required drug test is not back on the field and pretty much picking up where he left off. If there was ever any doubt about Manny Ramirez’s hitting skills, he is certainly putting the critics to rest with his play since returning to action Continue reading “Manny’s Back Into Action”

Fantasy Baseball Surprises

5665With the half way point quickly approaching, let’s take a look at some surprises so far this year, as well as some surprises to look out for.  Fantasy baseball surprises come up all the time as players lose their jobs, new players gain jobs, and some players just get hot and cold.  Adjustments have to be made to teams to stay competitive, but don’t react to hasty to every little report or injury to your team.  A fantasy team’s chemistry is just as important with fantasy baseball as it is in the real world. There are times when owners just have to be confident that their players will turn it around and make the necessary moves to get back to where they are expected, but there are always surprises. Continue reading “Fantasy Baseball Surprises”