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Biggest Fantasy Baseball Hitting Surprises To Start 2012 ML

Looking around the fantasy baseball landscape and wondering who are the biggest fantasy baseball hitting surprised to start 2012 MLB season. Hitters like Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, and Nick Swisher are leading the way in veterans putting in big starts and shocking some fantasy players with their solid play. There

Biggest Fantasy Baseball Pitching Surprises To Start 2012

The first month of baseball is in the books so we want to take a look at the biggest pitching surprises to start the 2012 fantasy baseball season. The biggest surprise is without a doubt the return of Bartolo Colon.

Is Stephen Strasburg The Best Pitcher In Baseball Today

Looking at pitching after the first full week of baseball in the MLB and wondering who is the best pitcher

Lob City Alert with Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba No-look Rev

Watch Kobe Bryant do a crazy spin around Jason Kidd to get to the rim with a lob from Gasol

Ryan Braun 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Top Picks

Should Ryan Braun be considered for the first pick in the 2012 fantasy baseball draft? With his 50 game suspension

Going First In 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft

Looking over some of the top picks for 2012 and making decisions on who should go first in the fantasy

NFL Playoff Predictions Divisional Round 2012

Commish from Fantasy Smarts is looking ahead to the next round of playoffs and making picks on who will win

Tebow Continues To Impress By Beating Steelers

As far as fantasy value goes, there is no question Tebow has upside. His rushing tds alone are enough to

Football Playoff Predictions – Steelers Beat Tebow

Looking ahead to the football playoffs I’m making some predictions and the first is that the steelers will beat the

Top 5 Fantasy Football Defense in 2011 Draft

Commish from Fantasy Smarts takes a look at the top 5 fantasy football defense in 2011. With teams like the

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